Over the past several years, I’ve thought a lot about the idea that every decision I’ve ever made has led me to exactly where I am today.  In those moments of gratitude and content, I think on this concept and it makes all the seemingly bad decisions and mistakes less of a negative and more of a positive, for they too have led me through navigating life.  The heartbreaks, the failures, the self-doubt, the anxieties and the depression have all contributed to get me to those places in time.  As hard as they were to get through, they also have taught me the value of the amazing moments.  Eventually, mistakes and bad decisions start to look less like regrets and more like life experiences that have guided me to where I am now and to where I am about to go next.

I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot more lately as I stand on the edge of major life changes.  I am about to cross the threshold of traveling the world to twelve cities, each for a month at a time with a village of digital nomads on a program called Remote Year, while working on a masters in International Development through Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.  It’s not the most conventional thing for someone post 30 to do in life but when have I ever done exactly what I am “supposed” to do?  I prefer dancing to my own kind of music.

Everyone’s been asking me a thousand questions about this.  Where am I going?  What do I plan to do after?  Am I excited?  Most commonly though, people have been saying, “that’s so you.”  And I agree.  This feels right.  In a way it seems as though I’ve found a path that’s much more aligned with who I am and who I want to be.  I firmly believe that it was all the decisions, the missteps, the ups and downs that led me to the threshold of this journey.  I’ve struggled over the last several years, wanting something different but finding it difficult to figure out exactly what that would look like.  Somewhere along the way, all the pieces started to fall into place and it’s beginning to feel like this was meant to be.  Looking back, I am now grateful for all those challenging moments, for they are all a part of what led me here.  Finding my way to my next adventure.

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